Gettin’ Toothy

Originally published in May 2010

As I’m sure you’ll be interested to know the most mundane (but in my case terrifying) eventuality of getting a tooth taken out caused me to ponder about what would be a good play list for while you’re in the dentist’s chair. Well, that and minimising my sugar intake. And, as your ever intrepid blogger, I compiled this list:

  • Nick Drake – Sunday (A nice instrumental song to almost relax you before your teeth begin being drilled in to)
  • Blur – Trimm Trabb (A mellow but somewhat euphoric track is always a necessity in such a situation)
  •  The Courteeners – Will It Be This Way Forever? (Nothing like listening to a song about naivety and adolescence  to distract you for a bit)
  •  Elbow – Not A Job (Depending on how loud the drilling/pliers are, can be quite effective for making your mind wander)
  •  The Cure – Forest (Vivid imagery, Robert Smith’s eerie voice – need I say more?)
  •  The Beatles – Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite (Instantly effective, sing along if you’d like to show off your vocal skills/snap a tooth)
  •  Arcade Fire – Windowsill (Can make you feel more depressed than scared, you’ll be like Tommy Tiernan when Radiohead started playing on the bus from Craggy Island. So when your teeth are being hacked at, you won’t notice a thing!)

No, you don’t have to thank me, thank your teeth the next time they decide to start warring each other. And while we’re on the subject of tooth extractions here’s Green Day’s video for ‘Geek Stink Breath’. (Best not to look at this video if you’re of a nervous disposition/are about to have a tooth taken out!)


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