Blink 182 – Up All Night Review

In 2009, to the joy of Blink 182 fans all over the world, Tom DeLonge unfound God and realised that the dulcet tones of Angels and Airwaves could never match Blink’s aggressive, raw and unmistakably American sound. So the Californian cockney wonder returned and three years later Blink 182 have released their first official single since their 2005 hiatus.

Blink 182’s long-awaited new release Up All Night treats fans to a barrage of chugging riffs, drum fills and a more mature lyrical direction. With Hoppus and DeLonge sharing vocals as per usual, singing lyrics about how “everyone lives to tell the tale of how we die alone someday” and “all these demons/they keep me up all night” marks a change to the usually juvenile and audacious songs associated with Blink 182. They’re not singing about being called immature or falling in love with girls at rock shows. This is a world-weary song about despair and being a ‘grown-up’, but when it’s underpinned with Blink 182’s brand of pop punk it somehow makes it okay. The enemas of the state are back, but this time they’re not taking any shit.


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