Phantom First Friday Gig Review

Venue:  The Academy, Dublin.
Date: Friday, 5th August 2011.

Givers: the band of the night

Amidst all the red and green lights emerged Tieranniesaur, a Dublin six piece with a Warpaint-like sound mixed with synthesisers. For the first few songs their combination of dreamy and shouty music was interesting, until it became swiftly apparent that all the songs seemed to be melding into one. There were no definable features, apart from the Bez-like creature who danced on the stage behind the band for a few songs, impressively dancing even to the slow parts.

So memorable was their performance that when Louisiana natives Givers took to the stage that they couldn’t remember the band’s name when they were giving them a shout out. The award for the most enthusiastic and energetic performance of the night goes to Givers. Having told the crowd to move to the previously empty front of stage because they travelled all the way over to Ireland, so the least we could do was walk a few steps nearer to them, gave the previously lacking atmosphere the kick it needed.

They powered through every song jumping around on stage and crashing drums like children who’d been let loose in a sweet shop, brimming with enthusiasm while interacting with the crowd. And, judging by the amount of times they mentioned how happy and thankful they were to be in Ireland, savouring every moment.

Headliners Cashier No. 9

Shortly afterwards came the time for the headliners, Cashier No. 9. Having received regular air play on Phantom has significantly raised the Belfast band’s profile, the night after this gig they were support to Bell X1 and Editors in Marlay Park. Sounding not dissimilar to Portugal the Man, the mellow but inviting tones of the band seemed to flow seamlessly from the stage.

In addition to the attention-grabbing music Cashier No. 9 also have the most dapper percussionist I have ever seen, wearing a bowler hat and waistcoat with pride. This is clearly a band to be taken seriously, and with each song gained more and more attention from the crowd and got better and better. Their catchy songs and engaging stage presence aren’t to be ignored.

But by the end of the night it was the pulsating drum beats and rhythmic sounds of Givers that were most memorable and impressive, and that seemed to be reverberating throughout the streets on the way home. Their eagerness and enthusiasm was astounding, and when a band are so confident and so into the music they’re playing it’s impossible not to feel the same way.


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  1. CC
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 13:11:34

    Sounds like a good gig!


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