2013’s most anticipated albums..

..which is code for my most anticipated album releases of 2013. It’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting year so far in terms of music releases, some of my favourite musicians are returning to the studio after a few years hibernating while others are gleefully releasing their debut with all eyes watching. So, let’s get started:

Johnny Marr – The Messenger

The Messenger is Marr’s first release as a solo artist, the prolific guitarist is currently dividing his time between Portland and Manchester


and the tracks he has released so far sees a variety of influences seeping through into his songs. Listening to his solo material will have you questioning why his vocal and lyrical talents have been hidden for quite so long.

The Messenger is a song that has quiet, peaceful, even slightly dream-like vocals, teamed with Marr’s unmistakable signature guitar riffs. On first listen the song seems quite tame, until you realise that it will be in your head for days on end, which is definitely not a bad thing. And if after all this the video of the former Smiths’ man running around in a forest in black and white reminiscent of an art college video doesn’t draw you in then I don’t know what else will.

Kodaline – In A Perfect World

Currently Ireland’s favourite poster boys for indie (and why shouldn’t they be, they’re brilliant) Kodaline deliver tracks filled with beautiful melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Listen to their music on the bus, listen to their music at home, wherever you want, because the captivating harmonies and melodies will not fail to have you hooked wherever you hear them. And who knows, maybe their success will signal the beginning of the Irish indie music scene finally getting the attention it deserves. Watch the excellent video for ‘Perfect World’ below.

I Am Kloot – Let It All In


I Am Kloot’s ambitious follow up to 2010’s sublime ‘Sky At Night’ so far shows the band

heading in a more anthemic, uplifting direction. ‘These Days Are Mine’ is a song which bristles with excitement before reaching the bellowing chorus, with the backing vocals sung by waitresses from a cafe near where they recorded this album.

The chorus lifts and soars in the most subtle way, it’s impossible not to imagine it being sung by a few thousand people at Glastonbury. ‘Hold Back the Night’ has a sound that harks back to ‘Sky At Night’’s more emotive stripped back sound. There’s no such thing as a disappointing I Am Kloot release, and judging from the excellent songs they’ve released for this follow-up this trend is set to continue.

In Their Thousands – As yet untitled EP

Beautiful. The only word you need to sum up In Their Thousands’ music is beautiful, but that would make for a shitty blog post so I’ll happily elaborate. Do you like guitars? Do you like mournful, aching vocals that call for your attention and, apologies for the cliché, but your heart too?

Not a million miles from Bon Iver or Fleet Foxes this Donegal outfit expertly combines acoustic instrumentation with jagged rock vocals. Every single word that they sing they mean, each song is brimming with passion and emotion. Again, utterly beautiful. Your ears deserve to hear them. They’re releasing an EP later this year, which technically goes against the point of this blog post, but what the hell: consider it an honourary and very necessary mention.

The Courteeners – Anna


It seems that every time The Courteeners release a single they move further and further away from the lad-rock that dominated their debut album ‘St Jude’. Their first single off ‘Anna’, called ‘Lose Control’ seems like the next logical step from their last album ‘Falcon’.

Liam Fray’s snarling vocals which marked the band when they first began have been gradually replaced with a more polished sound, and more developed vocals ultimately leading to the brilliant track ‘Lose Control’.

The Courteeners have the unerring sound of a band with a few more tricks up their sleeve, which only adds to the excitement surrounding the release of their third album.


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