The Listening Post: Findlay

findlay Music is pointless if it doesn’t grab your attention. If it doesn’t make you feel something, anything, then it’s just not worth hearing. Every so often a band will come along where the songs don’t necessarily have to be heartfelt and tap into the emotions of Thom Yorke to make you sit up and listen, they’re just amazing because they are. Sometimes a band is just making brilliant music without any need for analysis.

Enter Natalie Findlay, better known by Findlay alone, the incredible Mancunian singer whose rock-tinged teasing vocals on the unforgettable ‘Your Sister’ are enveloped in a cacophony of crashing drums and chugging guitars. And what’s the most impressive thing? It’s believable, every breathy vocal and cymbal crash is just so, well, Findlay. There’s already a definitive enrapturing sound and Findlay have only released two songs so far. You can get a free download of the brilliant ‘Your Sister’ by signing up to the mailing list here, and believe me: you’ll be listening to it non-stop for days once you’ve heard it..



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