Johnny Marr Gig Review

Venue: The Academy, Dublin                                                                               Date: Wednesday, 27th March 2013


Johnny Marr like presents. And if you were recording this gig on your phone, make sure fans going to his forthcoming Japanese shows know about this fact. After being given a gift of a t-shirt with Django Reinhardt on it, by Ger in the balcony, Marr came out wearing it for the encore, with his tailored suit jacket still keeping the style points up.

Opener ‘The Right Thing Right’ saw Marr cleverly change the lyrics to “Dublin citizen”, while the infectiously catchy ‘Generate! Generate!’ was dedicated to “people who think too much.” A rollicking rendition of ‘Lockdown’ cemented ‘The Messenger”s ability to sound just as excellent and engaging live as it is on record.

The crowd pleasers were unsurprisingly songs by The Smiths, ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’ drew the most affection from the crowd and ‘London’ was a welcome surprise. Marr did Morrissey’s trademark crooning to perfection, while seamlessly throwing out riffs like they were the easiest and most obvious things in the world.

In the intimate surrounds of the full-capacity Academy Marr showed why he has become so legendary in the music industry; he has been a part of one the most influential bands in the history of British music, he has written some of the most incredible riffs that our ears have had the good fortune to hear and 31 years later is still writing and performing music that many new bands could only wish to have as part of the their back catalogue. Veering from nostalgia for The Smiths to the unfamiliarity of his most recent but lesser-known songs the crowd’s enthusiasm still remained throughout, while the raven haired guitarist left the stage beaming.


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